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Being a part of a Songfest group is one of the most unique, special, and memorable things a student can do during their years of study at Pepperdine.

Be sure to check our our most frequently asked questions about participating in a Songfest group. Still have questions? Feel free to email the staff and we'll be glad to help you out.

2018 Show Participation

Songfest 2018 has come and gone! However, to give future participants an idea of what is to come next time, the information on this page will be left up until late 2018, when it will be updated with information for Songfest 2019.


ALL Seaver students are welcome to be part of Songfest!

If you want to be a part of Songfest 2018, here's what to do:

  1. Attend the Songfest 2018 Kick-Off Event.
  2. Choose a group, and attend their nightly rehearsals (rehearsal info available at the Kick-Off Event, or by emailing songfest@pepperdine.edu).
  3. Sign a Participant Liability Waiver and turn it in to your group's Producer at your first rehearsal.
  4. Register for Songfest 2018.

Don't have a group? You are welcome to join ANY competing (i.e. student) group!

Not sure which group to join? No problem!
Come to the Kick-Off Event and talk to the staff. We'd be thrilled to connect you.

Confused? Other questions? No worries- just email songfest@pepperdine.edu.

2018 Participant Resources

Songfest Registration

All participants (including group leaders, cast members, and others just helping out) must register online by Friday, February 23 at 10 PM.

To register for Songfest 2018, visit the Songfest Registration page.

Songfest 2018 Participating Groups:

Click on a group name for more information (including group statements).

Participation Questions? Email songfest@pepperdine.edu.